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Privacy Statement

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable chiropractic health care. How do we use information gathered from you? We use your name and address, and on rare occasions, your phone number to communicate with you about account information and appointments and to send a holiday greeting. In addition, we use your birth date to send a birthday greeting.  We add to that your insurance information to communicate with insurance companies to bill them for you.  We may use your email for communications also.  We may choose to send you a newsletter or special offer.

We do not share your information with others except on those rare occasions where we have difficulty collecting an overdue bill.  We then send your account information to a collections agency, but do not include any health information.

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What do we do to protect your privacy? 


As our mountains of paperwork become out of date, old records are destroyed.  We make a point of destroying all personal information, specifically anything with your name, address or identifying numbers (we personally identify you by name, you are not a number to us but an individual).  Any interesting case information which we may share for professional purposes is used only with names removed to prevent any connection with you as an individual. 


We will only send your case information with written authorization from you.  This would happen in the following circumstances: when an insurance company (frequent with Workers Compensation claims) requests copies of your visits for documentation of your care. If your case has lawyers involved (common in auto accidents) we are frequently asked for copies of your records.  If you see another health professional they may want to see your records to help them with your care.

We are here to serve you.  If you have any questions or concerns about privacy or any other issues, please feel free to contact us.


Yours in Health,
Dr. Gary Hutchinson, D.C. 

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